About US

Life can be stressful.  We all have many balls that we juggle continuously and rarely find the time to have fun, to experience adventure, to experience life in a new way.

Our focus is on the Adventure and Personal Transformation industries. We want to give our members the opportunity to explore our beautiful country and neighbouring states.  To experience new and thrilling adventures as well as Personal Transformational activities.

DuBuy is building a brand that stands for integrity, quality, affordability, passion, excitement and fun.  DuBuy works with top quality merchants to bring you exciting adventures and transformational activities at affordable prices.  We serve as the link between our members and our business partners.  We help our members discover amazing experiences all in one place.

Payment is done thru PayFast. PayFast is a secure online banking facility

So Who benefits?

The buyer benefits as they receive an awesome experience at an affordable price

The seller benefits as they get new customers and potentially repeat business

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The first 500 members that register will receive a R50.00 credit voucher, which will go towards their first purchase.